April 30, 2019

Introducing the VLookup Hookup

Sometimes, at work, I feel like I’m faced with seemingly impossible tech puzzles.

Sometimes, (okay, fine, most times) those seemingly impossible tech puzzles have something to do with Salesforce.

Sometimes, I wish someone would just hook me up with a hint. Not necessarily the answer - that would be cheating - but, like, a really solid hint to get past the hard parts a little faster.

—Anonymous Non-Profit Salesforce Administrator Who Used to Live in Philadelphia

Okay, not so anonymous anymore. I confess, during my time as a non-profit Salesforce admin, I thought this all the time. If you, like me, sometimes want a hint, you're in luck! We’re here to hook you up with some of our favorite tips and tricks to crush those seemingly impossible Salesforce puzzles. Welcome to the VLookup Hookup.

Why is this blog named VLookup Hookup? Read the first post to find out!

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